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Going Faux: Stripe Painting for Your Pennsylvania Home

Faux finishes are a fantastic way to personalize your space while making the most of architectural features and complementing your interior design. One of the easiest and most flexible ways of going faux is through striping. Painted stripes add interest and dimension, giving you the finished appeal […]

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The Fifth Wall: How Painting Your Ceiling Can Transform Your Space

Most of us take great care in selecting paint colors for the walls in our home to create the precise look we want. Often, however, we overlook the potential of the largest paintable surface of the room: the ceiling. Ceilings act as the fifth wall, and it’s possible for you to transform the […]

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The Unsung Color: Why You Should Consider Black Paint

The suggestion to use black for an exterior or interior paint job may seem a little off-the-wall at first, but black can actually be a stylish and appropriate choice for your home. If you use it well, black can make a beautiful statement inside and out, and its ability to bring out other […]

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What an Expert Painting Company in Southeastern Pennsylvania Will Do Differently From a Skilled Do It Yourselfer

In Southeastern Pennsylvania, residents pride themselves on knowing how to do things. If you’re assembling a grill, you have a cousin who is great at it, and a neighbor who makes the best barbecue sauce (you yourself know how to get the steaks done just right). Even with this DIY spirit, we know […]

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Letting the Light In: Painting to Create Brightness in Your Home in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Many homeowners in the greater Philadelphia and Southeastern Pennsylvania area face challenges creating bright and inviting living spaces due to design and location of the house. Too often, architecture and environment conspire to minimize the amount of natural light that enters your home. For some, the problem is the limited windows of row […]

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Palettes Inspired by Pennsylvania Seasons

As one of the most picturesque locations in the entire country, Southeastern Pennsylvania provides inspiration for a wealth of beautiful seasonal palettes to bring into your home. The feeling of summer colors when it’s cold, or an autumn motif all year round, can give a sense of place to your house, and make […]

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Color Schemes from Room to Room and Floor to Floor

When you’re planning a big redecoration project, it’s important to consider how all of your rooms will look together. There are lots of choices when designing color schemes for your house. You can set up each room to echo themes from other rooms to achieve a coordinated look, or you might want to pair individual […]

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Making Rooms Appear Large or Intimate Using Color and Texture

When you’re starting a new painting project and beginning to choose colors for your home, you might want to stop and think about how colors can enhance the existing qualities of the rooms in your house. If you want to make small spaces even more intimate or you want to pump up the […]

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A Space of Their Own: Memorable Painting Ideas for Boys’ Bedrooms

Kids’ rooms are some of those great places in your house where you can let loose with some adventurous decorating ideas and have fun with your little ones. As one of the more private rooms in the house, it doesn’t need to coordinate with anything but your child’s favorite colors and activities. Little […]

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Here’s Why The Festool Dustless Sanders Come Standard in Our Paint Crew Vans

By Steve Nafranowicz, Chief Financial Officer for Nolan Painting

For 23 years I have worked my way through Nolan Painting. First as a trainee, then as a painter, crew leader, estimator, and now as the CFO. I’ve seen this residential repaint company as a $300,000 per year business, and last year we reached $6.1 million in […]

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